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Broadway Launches New Line of Eco-Friendly Moving & Storage Products Under the Kleer-Guard® Brand

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Kleerguard eco product launch

A new age of consumer-driven sustainability is here. Shoppers are seeking out products, brands and companies that align with their values and environmental concerns are at the top of that list. 75% of U.S. adults say they are particularly concerned about helping the environment1 and 81% of global respondents feel companies should help improve the environment2. To meet the growing needs of retailers and their consumers, Broadway launched an innovative new line of eco-friendly moving and storage products under the Kleer-Guard® brand name.

“More and more consumers and businesses are looking for green alternatives  to products they use both every day and during major life events. Moving and storage is a necessity but can generate a lot of waste. We want people to have options that make their move less stressful and can reduce the overall impact on the environment.” Steve Guerra, Sales Director. Moving & Storage at Broadway Industries

The Kleer-Guard EcoTM line currently includes:

  • Two sizes of Mattress Bags (patent pending)
  • Dust Cover (patent pending)
  • Sofa Cover (patent pending)
  • Tableware Kit (patent pending)
  • Eco-Cushion® Protective Wrap
  • Packing Paper

All Kleer-Guard Eco products are made with 40%-100% recycled content and are 100% recyclable and 100% reusable. These products are not subject to recent plastic bag regulations. Still, they meet material precedents set by many state and local ordinances, as well as Broadway’s internal commitment to green innovation and sustainability.

“We understand plastic is a necessity for specific products. Our team set out with the goal to develop sustainable AND affordable moving & storage products without sacrificing quality. Through innovation and product development, we at Broadway have positioned ourselves at the forefront of reshaping a greener moving and storage market.” Steve Kohn, President of Broadway Industries.

Shop Kleer-Guard EcoTM: Kleer-Guard® Eco products are now available online at Lowe’s®

Sell Kleer-Guard EcoTM: Contact us at Broadway Industries to discuss private label and wholesale opportunities.

Visit our Kleer-Guard® Brand website at

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