Multi-Purpose Packing Paper

Provide your customers with packing paper for ALL their moving and storage needs. Broadway manufactures packing paper that can be used to wrap breakables, provide cushioning during transit, fill open box space, or help protect products such as glasses from chipping, scratching and dust during the moving or storage process. It has other creative uses, such as for arts and crafts or gardening.

Retailers can also purchase Broadway packing paper to protect customers’ purchases during the checkout process.

Broadway’s packing paper is available in both Kleer-Guard® or private label options.

  • Eco-friendly: recyclable, compostable, biodegradable
  • A great alternative to bubble and foam
  • Does not leave ink residue behind like newsprint

Minimum Order Quantities:

  • 10-case minimum for private label
  • For less than 10 cases, order from our Kleer-Guard® brand
  • For quantities less than 1 case, see where to buy

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