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Millennial Movers and Eco-Friendly Market Opportunities for Retailers

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Millennials are moving to a greener future.

Born between 1981 and 1996, Millennials now make up the largest portion of the world’s population and spend an estimated $1.4 trillion[1] each year. Eco-minded and committed to companies and products that support sustainability, this generation is forcing organizations to listen. 90% of millennials surveyed say they’ll shop with any company that they perceive as making moves towards a social purpose, even if they don’t historically have that reputation.[2]

Millennials are also making big moves of their own. After delaying their entry into the real estate market because of fewer job opportunities, inability to afford homes and delaying milestones that accompany homeownership, such as marrying and starting a family, this generation now represents the largest group of home buyers at 37%.[3] 73% of surveyed Millennials expressed a plan to move within the next 10 years, compared to 43% of Baby Boomers and 58% Gen Xers.[4]

In an attempt to save money, more people each year make DIY moves than use professional services.[5]

Moving also creates quite a lot of waste. Across the United States each year moves generate:

  • 900 million cardboard boxes
  • 4 million tons of miscellaneous items that are discarded during the move
  • 353 million gallons of fuel
  • 30 million rolls of tape[6]

By understanding what fuels the buying habits of Millennials, retailers can discover new revenue opportunities and become more sustainable by offering eco-friendly moving and storage products.

Key Takeaways Moving Retailers Should Know

What does this mean for retailers that sell moving and storage products?

When Millennials move, they will likely not have moving supplies handy and will need to buy new products. Millennials have not moved as much as previous generations, which means they will probably not have moving supplies on hand that they can leverage during a future move and will need to acquire new supplies.

More Millennials want to DIY their move and will need the right tools to make it happen.

To save money, the vast majority of movers will not hire professionals. That speaks even more to their need for moving products such as protective cushioning, mattress bags, packing paper, tableware kits and upholstery covers.

Because Millennials lack moving experience, they may not know what they need for a move. Instead, they browse social media, retail and e-commerce stores for guidance and inspiration.

This generation is incredibly tech-savvy and will perform extensive research to determine what products will keep their items safe that also align with their sustainability goals. Retailers need to take steps to ensure they offer eco-friendly products that are easily found by customers looking for green solutions. For example, Lowe’s® recently started selling Kleer-Guard Eco™ Moving and Storage products online, which are made from 40%-100% recycled materials and are all 100% recyclable and reusable. 

When the time comes to make a purchase, Millennials will opt for a product or brand that’s in line with their eco-friendly values.

If your store doesn’t offer products made from sustainable materials, isn’t recyclable or in general doesn’t reflect concern for the wellbeing of the planet, Millennials will be more reluctant to make a purchase. By offering green products, you’ll be more appealing to these eco-conscious buyers.

Add Eco-Friendly Moving Supplies to Your Inventory

Broadway Industries is the proud company behind the Kleer-Guard EcoTM Line of Moving & Storage products, which includes:

  • Mattress Bags (patent pending)
  • Dust Cover (patent pending)
  • Sofa Cover (patent pending)
  • Tableware Kit (patent pending)
  • Eco-Cushion®
  • Packing Paper

View Eco-Friendly Products

Sustainability is a core principle driving the future of Kleer-Guard® products. As an industry leader, Broadway is committed to improving processes and developing eco-friendly products at affordable prices, without sacrificing quality.

[1] Accenture
[3] National Association of Realtors’ 2019 Home Buyers and Sellers Generational Trends Report
[5] American Moving and Storage Association
[6] moveBuddah

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