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Broadway Industries Donates Moving Supplies to Combat Homelessness

by Nikki Fox | Posted in: Broadway News

City of Ontario, California Logo

Broadway Industries supported The City of Ontario, California’s mission to combat poverty and homelessness by providing moving, storage and packing supplies. In 2018 there were almost 130,000 homeless individuals in California; a 14% increase from 2014. Homelessness has a significant effect on an individual and community. More often than not, poverty and homelessness become cycles hard to break.

The City of Ontario, California aims to break these (poverty and homelessness) cycles using a “wraparound” approach. This approach affords people in need with case management, permanent housing and the proper tools to succeed.

Broadway Industries thanks The City of Ontario, California for the opportunity to help our local community.

For more information on the several award-winning programs offered by The City of Ontario, California,


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